Jimmy Kimmel Live - Lie Detective #1

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective #1

Jimmy Kimmel Live's YouTube channel features clips and recaps of every episode from the late night TV show on ABC.

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Google Currents Lets you Enjoy Free Online Magazines

Google Currents is a new mobile app that lets you enjoy free online magazines and other content optimized for your Android or Apple phones and tablets. See below for the awesome video and free Android APK file for google Currents (Only US users can download the original file from Android Market. So here we giving you an easy way, if you are outside the country)

How to See Cities in 3D by Using Nokia Maps

Nokia redefined online maps with their new feature 3D Maps. It is really awesome. We know google already giving 3D map services. But it is limited when we compare it with Nokia 3D maps. See the video below.

Make Free Christmas Greetings Ecard

Are you looking for a nice e-card for your friends. Here, a simple Animated Christmas Greetings I made for my friend. After watch this video, if you interested to make it for your friends just go to the link below the video. In case, if you need more help just comment it :)

Funny Conversation With iPhone Siri

Iphone 4s SIRI app is already made a big wave in the mobile phone industry. The below video shows some funny conversation (Questions) with iphone SIRI application.

Moosejaw X Ray Application for Mobile and Tablet

The Moosejaw X-Ray App is an augmented reality experience designed to work with the Moosejaw Winter Catalog (Available November 15, 2011). It is a new way of marketing. QR codes are replaced with Augmented reality. This Application is totally free to use. It is available for Android Mobiles and Tablets and iPhone and ipads. Just check the video below, first. I am sure you should download it.

How to Draw a Nude Woman

How to Draw a nude Woman / Girl / Model

Best Android Web Browsers For Mobile and Tablet

Android market has many browser applications. So it is hard to find the best. I have been using android for more than one year. From my experience I can suggest you three Android Web browsers. All are FREE (upon date 11-11-11)

SIRI for Android Virtual Assistant Application List

SIRI on iPhone 4S lets you to use your voice instead of actions. Means, you can do operations on your mobile just by using Voice commands instead to tapping on the screen. May be already you are familiar with the Voice Recognition softwares in your PC and MAC. That the same thing is here in iphone. Then, what about Android users. Believe it or not, they are the luckiest people. They have a pool of SIRI type softwares. The FREE application's list is below,

How to Use Google Translate to Order Indian Food

Ordering Indian Food  VIDEO 1:36 min
Three non hindi speaking girls use Google Translate to call a real Indian restaurant and order in Hindi for their Demo Slam. This demo is the real deal; nothing was faked. They do not know HINDI :D Check out the Video below. WARNING: EXTRA SPICY :D

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